Each day I reach into a little bag with a hundred bits of paper, each with a name scrawled on it.

I pick out two.

I say a quick prayer for those two people.

Nothing dramatic, the usual shit — health, love, sense of purpose, happiness, laughter. All the same stuff I would want for myself.

And that’s it. I get on with the day.

I started doing this a few months ago as part of a fledgling effort to start exploring faith again after a 45-year hiatus. (Yes, I stopped believing in God when I started rooting for the Washington Capitals.)img_6532

Whether my prayers are heard or answered is immaterial. I just look forward to the moment each morning. It’s fun to see which names pop up.

It’s fun to think about people I may not have seen or talked to in a while.

Why am I telling you this?

Excellent question.

I’m not saying you should do this ritual yourself.

I’m also not saying, “Look at freaking St. Kit over here, all praying for people and whatnot.”

I’m just reporting the small, but pleasant fact that this action, which takes one minute, changes my mood as I move on with the day.

Now you may say, Dude. What’s with the elephant?

That’s Ganesha.

I haven’t converted to Hinduism or Buddhism, or Jainism (although on paper at least, the Jainist program looks pretty good). I just like mini-Ganesha as an object. Has good heft to it.

Same with the other items in the photo — no particular significance, just objects I like to hold or look at.

Another question you might ask: Will you put my name in the pile?

Again, great question. (You’re on fire today!)

I once read about a woman who pours out and prays over 7 billion grains of sand every day, for the whole world.

I have questions about the feasibility of measuring out — like even approximately — 7 billion grains of sand. But I’m nonetheless moved by the example of sand lady. (Or was it salt? I can’t remember.)

Reading about her put the idea in my head — Hey, I can make up my own damn ritual.

Seven billion feels like a lot, but two names per day … yeah I can do that.

Sure, send me your name if you feel like it.

About Kit Troyer

Kit Troyer lives in Los Angeles. He worked previously as a newspaper reporter and a criminal defense attorney. For the last 15 years, he has been a stay-at-home dad. But that gig is running out. Kids will soon be moving out and moving on.
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8 Responses to ST. KIT

  1. Aleen says:

    Is ALEEN one of those names? Just asking. No pressure.

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    I have a name, not mine but someone I love dearly, Scarlett.

    Your post was an insightful read. Gave up on God 45 years ago. My curious believing mind wonders why. I did not start believing till I was 35. Why, you might ask? Everyone I knew disappointed me and could not answers my questions such as where did the babies i lost go to. I bought a bible, an easy read one, NIV. I read it for four years, searching to fill up the hole in my heart, the need to be loved. I found that love in God the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    I will be back to read more of your blogs when I get time.

  3. Sonia Keshishian says:

    Aunty Sonson . Add please .

  4. I like the simplicity of your post, like the simplicity of your ritual. I love Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. I’m an atheist but all my “spirituality” is based on hypocrisy. I love doing yoga and try to practice mindfulness which you don’t need to be religious for. I’m a vegetarian who eats cheap eggs and kills mice. I don’t believe in God but if you talked to a dead person I believe you and am jealous as there are a few people I’d like to talk to.
    Anyway, having any kind of morning ritual that involves gratitude definitely sets the day off. I have tried all kinds of morning rituals but my real problem is I can’t wake up early consistently. The photos is great. I like the pencil sharpener.

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