In the wake of news that Keith Richards finds Mick “unbearable” and refers to him alternately as “Her Majesty” and “Brenda,” I thought I would point out four good reasons to celebrate Mick.   Here are four spectacular tunes from his unheralded solo albums Wandering Spirit (1993) and Goddess in the Doorway (2001).  Lyrically, these songs touch on several of Mick’s favorite themes — passage of time; highs and lows of hedonism; and loneliness.  1. DON’T TEAR ME UP; 2. EVENING GOWN; 3. TOO FAR GONE; and 4. BRAND NEW SET OF RULES.  Sprinkle these four selections into any of your existing playlists; you won’t be disappointed.

About Kit Troyer

Kit Troyer lives in Los Angeles. He worked previously as a newspaper reporter and a criminal defense attorney. For the last 15 years, he has been a stay-at-home dad. But that gig is running out. Kids will soon be moving out and moving on.
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  1. I’ve always liked Keith better, arguing he’s the more authentic rock’n’rolla while Mick is a poser — but you make a good point. I particularly like the title tune on “Wandering Spirit,” a rocking little gospel-influenced shouter, and generally find that his solo work holds up better than Keith’s boozier solo stuff. Maybe the key here is that neither one of them works as well apart as they did together …and I’m not sure they work together anymore, which is a doggone dirty shame.

  2. 🤣 Ah. This gifted a great laugh. “Brenda”. That’s hysterical!!! Thanks for that!!! Cheers! Now every time I hear the Stones I’m going to burst out laughing! 🤣

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